Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wot's on in Woollongong then?

well I'm not there at the moment so I don't know but here's a nice art deco block of flats

image from about 2007 - AH & I hopped on a train down south from Sydney to Woollongong to be groupies at a gig & stayed in a really dodgy motel - not quite hire by the hour but the old used condoms on top of the wardrobe explained a lot.   It really smelt of toxic cleaner that should have been banned in this country (I ended up with a fume induced headache).  
However, next door to the motel was this wonderful building. 
It has since been sold and I am yet to see what happened to it but will do soon.

The only camera I had that day was a Lomo Fisheye - it doesn't have a viewfinder so I am extra pleased with this shot.

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