Friday, February 26, 2010

Ming On Trading - Addison Road Marrickville NSW Australia

Love this building - I have already shown this on my main blog a year ago but it's worth a revisit here where it belongs in buildings and things along with its one wonky window

 © Anne Bentley

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wot's on in Woollongong then?

well I'm not there at the moment so I don't know but here's a nice art deco block of flats

image from about 2007 - AH & I hopped on a train down south from Sydney to Woollongong to be groupies at a gig & stayed in a really dodgy motel - not quite hire by the hour but the old used condoms on top of the wardrobe explained a lot.   It really smelt of toxic cleaner that should have been banned in this country (I ended up with a fume induced headache).  
However, next door to the motel was this wonderful building. 
It has since been sold and I am yet to see what happened to it but will do soon.

The only camera I had that day was a Lomo Fisheye - it doesn't have a viewfinder so I am extra pleased with this shot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking a shortcut home

Not quiet Harry Seidler* - well, not at all really.., bar the little windows and that it's white but it's the thought that counts.
I came across this nonetheless interesting spot on a shortcut home via the grounds of Sydney University Camperdown.  One of the best shortcuts a person could take - there is much to be viewed in the grounds of this 150 year old university, which I will revisit in this blog.

© 2010 Anne Bentley *

Harry Seidler  AC OBE 25 June 1923 Vienna — 9 March 2006 Sydney

Down the road from where I live

A block of old flats one can easily walk straight past but shouldn't - a little deco amidst the stucco
Salisbury Road Camperdown, Sydney 15 February 2010

(© 2010 Anne Bentley *

Buildings and Things Begins

Starting with Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (Sydney) - number 241 and the irony that this is above a real estate office - they know structure!
Taken January 2009 (from a bus window I think)

(image © 2009 Anne Bentley  *